Types of Roofs Available in Naperville

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are less costly than sloped roof installation. But they require a significant amount of maintenance from the homeowner. Duties include ensuring the roof is watertight and scheduling regular cleanings to remove debris.

Naperville Roofers

The sun may also wreak havoc with the roof by causing it to degrade. Easier to access than the sloped versions, there are eco-friendly materials available that can prevent leaks and lower heat absorption. The average life of a flat roof is 15 years. http://www.excellentroofs.com


Metal Shingles

Metal roofs are a low-maintenance material to use for your home. They are also lightweight and environmentally-friendly.

But because metal shingles can be challenging to work with, you want an experienced contractor to handle your installation.

Over the years, your metal roof may also be less shiny. If the structure of your roof is in good shape, you can spend less money repainting the roof than replacing it. http://www.excellentroofs.com/shingle-roofing/


Wood Shakes and Cedar Roof Shingles

Wood shake shingles are an eco-friendly roofing material that is naturally resourced. Whether environmentally harvested or manufactured using recycled wood, they can offer an aesthetically pleasing addition to the exterior of a home.

Because they are stable, durable and produce minimal water runoff, wood shakes are often a preferred choice to help the environment. The life expectancy for wood shake and cedar roof shingles can be 30 years and above.

This makes them a solid investment for environmentally savvy homeowners looking to save money. Drawbacks include the shingles are more prone to moss, mildew and mold growth. Treatment preservatives can be added to the wood to cut down on maintenance.